Friday, February 22, 2008

louder than a bomb! soapbox derby black history month edition 21/02/2008


This week I offered up a musical sampling of the African Diaspora, in honour of Black History Month. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and called in - to the guys that requested songs, I promise I'll get them on next week, okay?

Here's the skinny (every one's a winner, baby....):
1. go slow - fela anikulapo kuti
2. wooba skooba - lee "scratch" perry*
3. rockit - the dynamics*
4. downpresser - peter tosh
5. white boy a follower - nine-mile rastafari bredren
6. weapon conflict - sierra leone's refugee allstars
7. i'm a pilgrim - john dee holeman & the waifs band
8. my heavy load (live) - big mama thornton
9. what makes a work song leader? - alan lomax and bama
10. early in the mornin' - 22, little red, tangle eye, and hard hair
11. queen bee - taj mahal, toumani diabate & ramatou
12. kpindigbee - s.e. rogie
13. de la vie a la mort - zap mama
14. message to the messengers - gil scot-heron
15. dial 7 (axioms of creamy spies) - digable planets
16. louder than a bomb - public f#@kin' enemy!
17. i against i (live) - bad brains

Think the FBI are the only ones that tap telephones? check out the privacy commission's report on the exempted data banks that the RCMP have been taking some pretty serious liberties with since the towers fell. Read this report, and think about what it says about the value of our rights to free expression nowadays. Then get really mad and write your MP and tell them you won't stand for these kinds of violations. It's time to make people know that the "war on terror" can't be used as an excuse for orwellianism any more.

Chef Wayne (host of the trop funkay south louisiana gumbo radio show, Mondays from 7-8pm MST on CJSW 90.9fm) called in to tip me off on an awesome collection of alan lomax' writings. Check it out if you are so inclined, and make sure you tune into Wayne this and every Monday - homie throws DOWN!

Most importantly, there's a provincial election coming up in a few short weeks. I'm at once excited because I think we have a real chance to see some positive change in Alberta, and scared shitless that apathy will win the day and those of us with enough willingness to participate and faith in democracy will be forced to put up with the same old shit for another four effing years.

And then we'll be out for beers with our pals and we'll all be moaning about the government and they'll be all like "this sucks", and i'll be like "yeah i know, but at least we all voted and did what we could to voice our choice", and they'll go "what? vote? you vote? votings lame, unless it's for hockeyville or skater of the year or whatever!".

And then I'll chug my beer and go find somebody with half a clue to hang out with.

Go here to get the skinny on the election. Check this out if you wanna think about the good of the environment when you vote. And for the love o' Socrates, vote on march 3rd.

Next week it's me and Mishka Lysack, talking about climate change. talk t'ya then


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Everyone Loves Music on Valentine's Day

Okay, here's this week's list, I'll put in the albums for the ones that I know. If you have trouble finding anything leave a comment and I'll post more info. So the format is [Track] - [Artist] (Album) *On the CJSW playlist:

1. Sunny Meadows - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (I Wish My Brother George Was Here)
2. Staralfur - Sigur Ros (Hvarf Heim)*
3. The Sun's Gone Dim - Johann Johannson
4. Smells Like Nirvana - Laura Barrett (Earth Sciences)*
5. T. Hatch Say 'Round Every Corner - P:ano (Ghost Pirates Without Heads)
6. Secret Tongues - Adam Green (Friends of Mine)
7. Watchmaker - Tom Fun Orchestra (You Will Land With A Thud)*
8. Cherrry Chapstick - Yo La Tengo (And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out)
9. Dragnet - The D'urburvilles (We Are The Hunters)*
10. It Was A Time Of Mad Scientists - 60 Watt Kid (S/T)*
11. William, Clap Your Hands - Unicorns (Unicorns are people too)
12. Stories - The Azmyth (S/T)*
13. Walking With The Dead - Jon McKiel (The Nature of Things)*
14. Cripple Creek Fairies (Curl Up And Die)*
15. Frontwards [Live] - Pavement (Slanted And Enchanted: Luxe And Redux)
16. Shining Knight - Willy Rosario (Fabric Podcast: Episode 5)
17. Mind Your Own Business - Delta 5 (Disco Not Disco)*
18. Stockton to Malone - The YMD (This Is the Yeah Mos Def)*
19. Howling For Judy - Jeremy Steig (Droppin Science)*
20. Zeppelin - Fidgital (Departure)*
21. One Pure Thought - Hot Chip (Made In The Dark)*
22. Clown - Ssion (Fool's Gold)*
23. Merrymaking At My Place - Calvin Harris (I Created Disco)
24. In The Morning - Junior Boys (So This Is Goodbye)
25. Arguments - Robots in Disguise (Disguises)*
26. Comets - Fridge (The Sun)

I also wanted to again encourage everyone to check out the Fabric Podcast. It is a fabulous series of London's musical luminaries playing and describing tracks that have influenced their musical development. Check it out.

Tune in for Gregs show next week and make sure to also tune in the following week, the 28th, to hear Greg and guest Mishka Lysak hold an open and serious discuss climate change. There's been more than enough rhetoric, now its time to really get into the issue. Thanks for listening!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February the Seventh Playlist

Hello Derby Fans,

Here's the list for today's show:

1. Right Away - Pattern is Movement*
2. La La La - Rough Skeletons*
3. Never More (Than Just Enough) - Two Lone Swordsmen
4. Side 2, Dangerous Match 4 - Scientist
5. De cigarro en cigarro - [I'm not sure who the artist is, the comp is called Cigar Music]
6. Black Sunrise - The Black Seeds
7. Biz Harmony - Biz Markie
8. Gotta Get Ridda Rick (James Pants Mix) - Baron Zen
9. Dans Ma Bulle - Shadow Lowee
10. Mahjongg - Problems*
11. Valor - Lucy Bland*
12. Heavens - Katy Stelmanis*
13. Under Pressure - Xiu Xiu*
14. The Spiderbite Song - Flaming Lips
15. Bird's Song - Jane Vain and the Dark Matter*
16. Dance Floor Drama - I Blame Robot*
17. Ashes - Soviet Sound Factory*
18. Wild Wind - Black Mountain
19. Beasts And Superbeasts - If I Was A House*
20. Don't Lose Control (Dance Version) - Material*
22. Impossible (Dan Deacon Remix - The Death Set
23. Narrowed Scope, Sharpened Knives - Tempo No Tempo*
24. Love No (Teenagers Cover) - Soko
25. Worms - The Presets
26. Adolescent (The Royalists Light Mix) - Dandi Wind
27. Jungle Dolls - Chris Joss*
28. Aw Ah Ah Ah - Dan Deacon
29. New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem

I'm sorry that I haven't been listing the albums, I'll try starting next time. Thanks for listening, tune in for Greg's derby next week!