Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Summer! here's a threefer!

Howdy, friend!

Have you been having too much fun this summer to sit in front of a computer and post to your blog? ME TOO! But you know, even the laziest, haziest, dog-dayin'-est summer lovers among us do occasionally need to turn our attention back to our responsibilities. To that end, here is a brief recap of the summer so far on the soapbox derby.

June 11 - Skate and Create!

Dean Bieber and Zev Klymochko from Calgary Area Skateboard Enthusiasts (CASE) came by to talk about one of my favourite pastimes - skateboarding - and the day we dedicate to celebrating it every year - go skateboarding day. GSD happens every summer solstice, and it's a great excuse (if you need one) to spend a whole day on a skateboard. Here's a little video of the fuzz-heavy goings-on in our fair city this GSD:

Dean is the dude talking to the unreasonable cop at the end of the video. He also runs a skateboard company called Visionary.

Anyway, here ar the tunes that you heard on June 11:
sorcerer's stone of the magi - acid mothers temple and the melting paraiso ufo*
lift my burdens - naomi shelton & the gospel queens*
turn me around - mavis staples (coming to folks fest!)
abc's - ziggy marley*
boom draw - julian marley*
evil burma dub - dubblestandart*
brookarest - nickodemus feat. costel & robert of taraf de haidouks*
balcasio - balkan beat box
it's all just a meter of where you draw the line - carolyn mark (coming to folk fest) & geoff berner
cracks in walls - forest tate fraser*
psychotic girl - the black keys
rock for light - bad brains
american nomad - sheglank'd shoulders
skater dater - u.s. bombs
find enjoyment - ray barbee
last call - blktop project
little chin - tommy guerrero
i play my kazoo - grand analog*
big blunt break - greyboy
more dance music - kid koala (coming to folk fest!)
companion de route - hermas zopoula*
contagion - a trois dans la w.c.
super animal brothers III - ear pwr*

There was a crazy skateboard contest that went on in San Francisco at the end of May - here's the sweet&lowdown.

For those of you who have never stepped on a skateboard, I can't impress upon you how impressive this shit is.

June 25 - All o' That Jazz...

This week's show featured a couple of set pieces that Philip Barker produced to get people stoked on the Calgary Jazz Festival. I hope they did the trick!

mose allison feature - philip barker / mose allison
king of the dogs - iggy pop*
goin' down slow - tom waits
james cotton feature - philip barker / james cotton
sail away - sonny terry & brownie mcghee
texas eagle - steve earle & the del mccoury band*
sala mosala - staff benda bilili*
koroko - oumo samgare*
reggae summertime - aggrolites*
nuff fire - abstract rude*
inner eye - nobody feat. abstract rude
wake up and smell the millenium - nobody
no idea how - bike for three
music as torture feature - joe burima and guests (full documentary available here)

July 9 - A Sound(Bike) Experiment.

This week I had the pleasure of hosting a couple of women who are involved in the Ride ON! summer series happening all this month in our fair city, and brought to us by the good people at M:ST. Keltie Duncan works for M:ST, and she came in to tell us about all of the cool stuff that's happening as part of this Ride ON! thing - the whole series focuses on bikes as works of and vehicles for art. I also met Jessica Thompson, artist-in-residence at the TRUCK Gallery and one of the artists with an installation in Ride ON! In her soundbike project, she built this awesome bike-mounted machine that emits laughter, increasingly uproariously as you go faster and faster on the bike. You can take it for a spin if you want, by borrowing it from the awesome fun-loving bikesheviks at the good life bike shop.

Jessica is hosting a workshop at the good life on July 30th, at which you can build your own "bike-rophone" - a bike-mounted PA system of sorts that allows you to make hella mad noise and raise a ruckus. The plan is to build a bunch of these things then take them to the streets the following evening on the July Critical Mass. I'm going for defs - maybe I'll see you there!

let your yeah be yeah(!) - buckwheat zydeco*
basin street blues - kid koala (did i mention he's coming to folk fest? woot.)
take a break - woodchoppers association (them too! folk fest is going to be fun!)
coming again - godfrey matthews*
fire go come - corey harris (folk fest...)
rebel music (3:00 road block) - spearhead (yup, folk fest) & stephen marley
bon voyage - serengeti & polyphonic*
ghost ride the buffalo - ear pwr*
2 sips & magic - nickodemus feat. the new york gypsy allstars*
raining revolution - arrested development (how many folks can fit in one festival?)
i could be dangerous - reverie sound revue*
i feel fine - the delta 72
hard to be human - the mekons (yup!)
some loud thunder clap your hands say boom - the got to get got*
knock knock - woodpigeon (mark says they're anti-folk, but lo, they are coming to folk fest, and even playing the hippiedippie love-in called South Country Fair next weekend!)
pony's o.g. - akron/family (folk fest!)
return of the freak - ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada*

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed down to the above mentioned hippiefest in fort mccleod this coming weekend - i'll talk to y'all just prior to folk fest!

PEACE - and ride on!