Thursday, April 24, 2008

Three weeks but unfortunately only one playlist

Hello fans of the CJSW Soapbox. I haven't posted for a long time and its definitely overdue. Unfortunately the playlists for my two previous shows have vanished into the ether of the cjsw archives and disappeared from my eyes forever, but I do have todays for any of you keen listeners.

1. Trance Like Turn - Violens
2. Cop Song - Entire Cities
3. Raquel - Neon Neon
4. Jah Love Music - Brigadier Jerry
5. Eleanor Rigby - Bernie Lyon
6. Two Sevens Clash - Culture
7. One Two Three - Nat Baldwin
8. Moving Notes - Jane Vain and the Dark Matter
9. Swimmer - Four Tet
10. Around The World - The Death Set (Fantastic Album!)
11. Out The Seams Pt. 2 - Oldfolks Home
12. Cruisin The Chev - Ghostkeeper (new and local!)
13. Tomorrow - Clinic
14. La Marche - Music For Money
15. Blueprint - Culture Reject
16. Applegate (I) - Little Teeth (Demo from San Francisco Group... keep an eye out)
17. War - BMX (Current blog darlings)
18. Ava - Black Molly
19. Main Theme - Balloon Fight
20. Jazz Rats - Yip Yip
21. Hold On - Holy Ghost!
22. My Oh My - Vincat
23. Danse en France - Fischerspooner
24. High Waves - Tr + Tr
25. Weird Science - Does it offend you, yeah?
26. He Keeps Me Alive - Sally Shapiro
27. Digitalism - Pogo (The Horrors Remix)

Send me a message or post something if you have any questions. Thanks to everyone who listened, and make sure you tune in next week for Greg's return to the soapbox!


Friday, April 18, 2008

two-for-one overdue blogathon! set lists for march 27 and april 10, 2008

(that's my folks' place this winter - NB got a lot of snow, to say the least!)

'sup y'all?

So here's the deal.

The work I do is most busy at this time of year, but I had two impossible-to-pass-up opportunities to go away and take a little vacation in April. At the beginning of the month, I went to New Brunswick to chill with my folks and make maple syrup in the woods (I'll post another picture or two sometime in the future, okay?). And as soon as I wrap this shit up, I'm leaving to go hike the Grand f&$kin' CANYON! So to make a long story short, I've had to squish a month (or more) worth of work into about two weeks, and haven't had much time for bloggin'. Here's my attempt at atonement (pretty lame, eh?):

March 27 rant-a-thon - the 'box was hot on the 27th, yo! And the 9:20 segment came courtesy of the lankiest of linemates, Monsieur Richard Larson.

1. elyne road - toumani diabate*
2. bullet in the blue sky - vieux farka toure*
3. eltsuhg ibal lasiti - daktaris vs. mad professor*
4. six million dollar version - king tubby
5. rocking universally (armagiddeon style) - willi williams
6. truth will reveal - souljah fyah*
7. reputation - evan voytas*
8. they live in the meadow - black moth super rainbow
9. metronomes - cassettes won't listen*
10. iodine - gordon withers*
11. suggestion - fugazi
12. we're gonna rise - the breeders*
13. blitzed - raveonettes*
14. you put the "i" in team - dr. manhattan*
15. cassius clay - jon hardy & the public*
16. nevada desert - rae spoon*
17. these days - tyler ramsey*
18. shake that medication - the mumlers*
19. om mani padme hung - yungchen lhamo (for the tibetan freedom movement)
20. bridge is over/black cop/south bronx medley - krs-one
21. down here on the ground - grant green*
22. if the papes come - tribe called quest

april 10 aga-khan-a-thon - i got to chat with laurie peters from the aga khan foundation about their exhibit at the university of calgary's nickle arts museum, called bridges that unite. If you missed it here, hopefully you'll get a chance to check it out elsewhere. Tunes:

1. life of a salesman - beija flor*
2. untitled (live on cjsw) - remote kid* (download the rk ep for free, here!)
3. zimbabwe - bob marley & the wailers (for the people fightin' for democracy in zimbabwe)
4. gin & juice - prince fatty* (for the bsd'ers gettin' loose on campus today!)
5. herb eye - junior delgado
6. makuta - culver city dub collective feat. q-ba
7. get up, stand up (live) - ojos de brujo*
8. rebel satellite - up, bustle & out
9. me cai - pacifika*
10. free - sacha silva*
11. 100 years - tommy guerrero
12. brukpocket's lament - the heavy*
13. sourpuss - fishbone
14. my friend - jimi hendrix
15. glory glory/jesus on the mainline - rebirth brass band (for my moms 'n' pops)
16. how to handle grown-ups - ruckus roboticus*
17. oppressor - think of one*

Okay, I'm out. Thanks for listening, and thanks a lot for your patience through the dark, busy days that have maybe come to pass.