Friday, August 15, 2008

one more thing...

If the Reverend ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

have a good weekend!

Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis? Set list for August 14, 2008.

This photo appears in the fast forward article by Adrian Morrow, mentioned below. I wonder if that dude knows where tattoo culture comes from?

Hi everyone;

Thanks for tuning in this week. As it often does, the show gave me a chance to air out some stuff that has been on my mind lately, especially since reading this excellent article in ffwd weekly, by Adrian Morrow, about the burgeoning white supremacy movement here in Calgary. I'm not going to dwell on it much, 'cos by now you probably all know my feeling on the matter - suffice to say that, although I support the efforts of anti-racist groups in our city, I would just as soon devote my energy to building the kind of inclusive, tolerant, diverse, vibrant, respectful, forward-thinking, and forward-moving community that I know is possible here. Make some noise if yer wit' me!

Aside from rantin' and a ravin', I also managed to play a tune or two:

on ne vernyoolsyah ees boyah (he didn't return from the battle) - vladimir visotsky
vsyeh droozhney v radui somknyomsyah (rough translation: what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?) - canora doukhobor choir
learning - mothers vs. kid loco
heights of paranoia - dubblestandart feat. camel
caged in - michael st. george (coming to reggae fest!)
natural progression - aswad (yup, them too)
rude boy - myself*
ya playin' yaself - jeru tha damaja
protest - buck 65
les autres - abdal malik*
relations humaines - mc solaar
do the dog - the specials
billy jack - curtis mayfield
nazi punks fuck off - dead kennedys
so much more - brett dennan
we ain't got no home - stark raving chandler
slow down - bullfrog
drifter - little bang theory*
i'm so lonesome i could cry - nation beat*
sweet thing - drew brown*
livid in a madman's hell - money mark
forest - big blue ball*

Okie doke. I hope you have a great weekend. Maybe I'll see you down at the reggae festival? I'll be in the cjsw booth in the late afternoon/early evening. There's all kinds of cool stuff happening this weekend, including an art show in a basement and a free concert at olympic plaza, brought to you by the mighty cjs-lovin'-you!

and understanding,

Monday, August 11, 2008

what a useless tool - set lists for july 24th and 31st, 2008

If you think I'm a useless tool, apparently you haven't seen this. "Here, honey - brace this for me while i sharpen my lawnmower blades!". $35 and it's yours!

Hi friends;

I keep posting my setlists to this blog with completely irresponsible delinquence. I am also really crappy at returning books to the library or videos to the video store on time. My Uncle Allan (RIP) always said "excuses are for people who make them" In my case, the same applies for promises to be better and more efficient in the future, so I guess I'll spare myself the typing and you the future disappointment.

Here's the setlist for July 24th - when I filled in for Mark and we were entertained by a fabulous band from Winnipeg called the Paperbacks. Here's a link to something about them on CBC Radio 3 - check here soon for a podcast of their live performance on CJSW. The tunes (I played a lot of stuff to get people primed for folk fest this year -which was pretty damn fine!):

who knows? (live) - jimi hendrix and a band of gypsies
cheese & crackers - deja voodoo
farmaciennomane - ouanani*
stand firm - peter tosh
medicine - guru feat. ini kamoze
(rock the) belz - socalled
think about it - metermaids*
african dialects - peter king*
birds of paradise - basia bulat
georgie buck - carolina chocolate drops
poor man rich city - beija flor
i'm new here - smog
~~then we talked with the paperbacks and they played us some songs~~
holocaust art - the paperbacks
pissing on everything - jim bryson
time bomb - los straitjackets

On July 31st, I soapboxed about building strong communities and being the kind of change you would like to see in the world, about the mormon youth brigade that has taken over u of c campus, and some crazy shit going down on the prairie. Oh yeah, and I incorrectly stated that mojo nixon is dead. whoops.

in the battle of sun versus curtains, sun loses and we sleep 'til noon - woodpigeon*
bacalao con pan - grupo fantasma*
let's reggae all night - css*
two chord skankin' - ljx (coming to reggae fest this weekend!)
hello jamaica - lee scratch perry (dammit, his sept 4th calgary show is cancelled! dammit!)
full up - sound dimension
bone riddim' - burning babylon*
spiritual masterkey - talvin singh vs. osmani soundz
just won't stop - herbaliser feat. yungun aka essa*
turn it down - peter project*
looks like to kill - sonantes*
surf song - the saturday knights*
golden years - susumu yokota*
never had a problem - andre williams and the new orleans hellhounds*
funky women - maceo parker & all the kings men
pink-o boogie - ry cooder*
move together - ndidi onukwulu*
nehemiah's misfortune - agnostic mountain gospel choir*
key to the highway - memphis slim & jazz gillum*
lightnin's piano boogie (live) - lightnin' hopkins
chicken drop - mojo nixon (not dead! alive!) & skid roper
100 years - dr. dog

Oh crap - I forgot to tell you about my pal Kory, who called in to let me know about the annual rally and debauching of the apocalypse scooter club - they did a whole bunch of cool stuff last weekend (two weekends ago? f@#k me, i really truly suck!) that you might have known about if I wasn't such a delinquent boob. Hey Kory, maybe you can come on the show next year before the rally and let us all know about it! Better yet, send me a comment and let me know how the rally went this year.

Thanks for tuning in everyone - talk to you later this week. Check this blog for future setlists in 2009 (tee hee)...

tee hee hee hee,