Friday, September 11, 2009

end-of-summer blog revival

Whoops, I think I missed again.

Time flies in the summer time, and I've neglected the blog. It's mostly because I sit in front of a computer all day, and besides I've been spending a lot of time out here:

photo comes from here

See, about a year back I somehow convinced myself that it would be a good idea to sign up for the bow 80 nationals endurance mountain bike race - it feels kinda like how Thor Heyerdahl explains the "by degrees" process that leads to you all of a sudden finding yourself out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean amid 100-foot swells on a balsa wood raft - it has gone from a funny idea to a frightening reality in a pretty short span o' time. Anyway, I've been trying to prepare myself by riding my bike whenever I can. I guess when you get right down to it, plenty worse fates could befall a fella.

Anyway, I'm going to rattle through all the shows I've hosted since my last megapost, in hopes that some of the info is still relevant and that some of you still care. Ther most recent two are easy, as it was pretty much just me and music (no guests, but a little bit of ranting).

september 3rd - byrne-o-rama!

This show featured a focus on David Byrne and his Luaka Bop record label. Why? I dunno, just because I guess.

nice 'n' greasy - lou donaldson
xiang pi xiao (rubber ducky song) - zhima jie
correction train - carey johnson
westbay - ring craft posse
basho & the tiger - burning babylon
mini mountain queen - bran flakes
hold it down - greyboy
mea culpa - david byrne & brian eno (from the ground-breaking my life in the bush of ghosts lp)
(nothing but) flowers - talking heads
hein - tom ze
salale - vum vum
aguas de marco - cibo matto
podo me chamar - eddie
au banquet des chasseurs - java
10 miles to go down a 9 mile road - jim white vs. morcheeba
cache cache - zap mama
people power in the disco hour - clinton
the great intoxication - david byrne
life is long - david byrne & brian eno
one big cake - jenny*
they were kings - heavy trash
don't go anywhere - snailhouse*
porcupine quills - the skeletones four*
wildfires - ohbijou*
tegucigalpa - fruit bats*
how allen saved the radio station - the bownesians*

august 20 - just a show...

trout fishing in australia - apricot rail*
imidiwan afrik tem dam - tinariwen*
drum & bass line (live) - aswad
fruitful days - big mountain
funky kingston - toots & the maytals
study war - moby*
they so cute - the spam avenger
tashweesh - kronos quartet feat. ramallah underground*
daktari walk - the daktaris
auditorium - mos def feat. the ruler*
mercy - plague language*
the revolt of the cockroach people - ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada*
back in the seventies - datarock*
against the seventies - mike watt
bridges - utah phillips & ani difranco
farmer - bill frisell*
the longest day - megafaun*
hockey teeth - bahamas*
youth's magic horn - porter block*
weave myself a dress - bruce peninsula*
hot dang darlin' - the haggard beat*
cut across shorty - eddie cochrane
the whole damn thing - those darlins*
pas sans saveur - les breastfeeders

august 6 - calgary dollars and world vinyl day!

On this show, Kirti and Lisa from Calgary Dollars came by to tell us about the awesomeness of local currency, and about the august theme for their monthly potluck and market - vinyl! We learned a little about world vinyl day, and about the events they had planned for the potluck on the 12th, including art from records, a record swap, and other cool stuff. Thanks to Kirti and Lisa for coming by and telling us about it. Here are the tunes you heard:

saryglaryar maidens - huun huur tu & carmen rizzo*
designer skyline - owl city*
sound almighty - sould defenders
take it slow (places & spaces) - grand analog*
killa soundboy - fort knox five vs. sub swara*
the balance - sub swara
good beats / boogie - dudley perkins*
ba ba ba boom - money mark
moon sequence - the herbalizer*
como el viento - depedro*
hobo girl - fruit bats*
when the wheels don't move - son volt*
let's go ridin' in the car - pete seeger & sesame street
career opportunities - the clash
rick danko died - jack pine*
big brother - stevie wonder
the horizon is a beltway - the low anthem*
yr/blessed yr/version - lucid 44*
geography - portland cello project*
desperation, alberta - eamon mcgrath*

july 23 - carolyn mark! folk fest!

On this edition of the derby I was lucky enough to have emcee extraordinaire Carolyn Mark and her pal Tolan McNeil come by the station and help us ring in folk fest. We had a lot of fun, shot the breeze, and played a few tunes. Thanks to all you awesome people that make the folk festival happen every year, and thanks to all you tarp-nazis for mostly keeping it cool (except you jackasses who called the heat in on reverend ron when all he wanted to do was move with the spirit on sunday morning...)


i was standing at the bedside of a neighbour - sweet honey in the rock
touch a hand, make a friend - staples singers
wild life - papa groove
untold stories - sinead o'connor
summer dub - king selewa & his calypsonians*
hidden treasure - dj vadim feat. sabira jade & kwasi asante*
doni doni - woodchoppers association feat. jah youssuf*
north america - hank pine & lily fawn*
flyin' saucers - dry branch fire squad
plateau ramble - the acorn
jesus at tim's - nancy white
old virginia block - devon sproule
rocket piano man - carolyn mark & amy honey
will he be waiting for me - sarah harmer
the cabin song - t nile*
brother blues - forest tate fraser*
cliffs - brock geiger*
til the morning - mark berube & the patriotic few

Okay, that's it. We're back up to speed. I'll try to be more regular in my posting habits, but you all know how that's gone in the past...

Speaking of speed - me and my friends at the Bike Root are going to build you a bike for funding drive! More details to follow - stay tuned!