Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playlist For The Morning of the 26th Day of June in 2008

Here's June 26th's playlist, Artist - Title [Album] *On the CJSW playlist

1. Boards of Canada - Roygbiv [Music Has The Right To Children]
2. My Milky Way Arms - Unbearable Lightness of Being*
3. Laura Barrett - Track 3*
4. Sixtoo - Jackals and Vipers [You Don't Know Ninja Cuts]*
5. Dr. Octagon - Earth People [Dr. Octagonycologist]
6. The Extremities - Warp Drive*
7. DJ Food - Brass Neck
8. Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip (Breakbot Rmx) [Delicious Vinyl Rmxxology]*
9. Baron Zen - Money (Arabian Prince Mix)
10. Kid Koala - Music For Morning People [Carpal Tunnel Syndrome]
11. Emperor Penguin - Tammy
12. Drums and Machines - NAFTA
13. Governor Bolts - The Owl and the Pussycat
14. Odd Nosdam - Hollow Me*
15. Cool Kids - Mikey Rocks*
16. Rob Swift - Rob Swift Gets Busy [Return of the DJ vol 1]
17. Flux - Chemical Girl
18. Head Like A Kite - Listen Young Stunners*
19. Quasimoto - Bartender Say [The Further Adventures of Lord Quas]
20. Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango
21. Dan Deacon - Wham City [Spiderman Of The Rings]
22. 65daysofstatic - Dance Parties (Mechanical)*
23. Kelley Polar - Rosenband [Body Language 6: Mixed By Junior Boys]
24. SmithNhack - Space Warrior [Body Language 5: Mixed By Chateau Flight]
25. Ratatat - Tacobel Canon [Classics]
26. Reverie Sound Revue - Walking Around Downtown

Thanks for listening. Greg's away next week but the fully qualified Jenn Abel will be filling in so be sure to tune in!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mid-June, Nice-Weather Setlist

Hey Listeners!

Here's my June 19th setlist. Sorry for the constantly changing format.

Artist - Title [Album] *On the CJSW playlist

1. Ariane Moffatt - La Fille De L'iceberg*
2. Genevieve et Matthieu - El Noranda*
3. Neighborhood Council - Souls*
4. Reverend Horton Heat - Where in the hell did you go with my toothbrush? [Holy Roller]
5. Andre Toussant - Little Nassau [Putumayo: Calypso]
6. The Percentie Brothers - JP Morgan [Putumayo: Calypso]
7. The Heptones - Party Time
8. MF Doom - Rhymes Like Dimes [Operation: Doomsday]
9. Threat From Outer Space - Space Out*
10. Dragon Fli Empire - Headphones Dub [Intermission EP]*
11. Deltron - Love Story [Deltron 3030]
12. RjD2 - Good Times Roll Pt. 2 [Deadringer]
13. Souls of Mischief - 93 'til Infinity
14. Peter Project - Turn it Down
15. Ladytron - Deep Blue [Velocifero]*
16. Atmosphere - Hockey Hair
17. Pete Samples - The Jumper Cables [The Jumper Cables]*
18. Quitzow - Cats R People 2*
19. BMX - Refero Beach
20. Black Devil Disco Club - Constantly No Respect [28 After]
21. The Young Punx! - Never Be The Same Again [Your Music Is Killing Me]*
22. Jupiter - Starlighter
23. Daniel Wang - All Flowers Must Fade [Milky Disco]
24. Matthew Dear - You Know What I Would Do? [Junior Boys Body Language Mix]
25. Booka Shade - Charlotte [The Sun and the Neon Light]*
26. Health - Triceratops (CFCF Remix) [Disco]
27. Black Turtleneck - Discontinued Parts [Musical Chairs]

As I said, the hip hop was very well received so I'll be revisiting it next week for sure. If anyone has any preliminary requests feel free to post them and I'll throw them in.

I also want to reiterate the Pesticide Free Parks campaign being put on by the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary. Right now, as far as I know, calgarys only city park that isn't sprayed with cosmetic pesticides is New Edinborogh Park thanks to the Sunnyside Community Association. But we're close to having a bylaw passed banning the use of them citywide. The Standing Policy Committee of Utilities and Environment will vote on whether to send the pesticide-ban bylaw to city council for ratification on June 25th. Make sure you let your alderman know how you feel about the issue, by calling 311 or 268-2340.

Calgary is the largest city in Canada without a ban, its time to change that.

Thanks for listening, tune in next week!