Saturday, May 31, 2008

ADVENTURE RACING! Set list for May 22, 2008

Hello there;

On May 22nd my buddy Mike Melnick came around to talk to us about adventure racing. My feelings regarding the sport are similar to the ones I harbour for ultimate frisbee, and with a similar lack of justification in terms of real world experience: I'm hung up and slightly resistant to the idea of imposing structure and competition into an environment where, in my mind, it doesn't really fit. That said, maybe I should hang up my hang-ups, put away my prejudices, and give it a try. Mr Melnick certainly has a contagious enthusiasm for adventure racing - and if anything could inspire me to give it a shot it might be him. Hopefully you feel the same way, and you enjoyed our chat. In any case, I asked Mike to send me some links so I can pass them on to y'all, so here are links to the AB Adventure Racing site, a local adventure race in June, another one in July, and Mike's adventure racing team (from whom I nicked the above photo - taken during their recent race in Costa Rica). Thanks to Mike for coming on the show, spreading the love around, and broadening our collective horizon.

I also played some music on May 22nd:

1. hang up your hang-ups (live) - herbie hancock (for r. hadrock!)
2. the souk - global noize*
3. guns of brixton (live) - the clash
4. africa irie - chief checker*
5. wayfarin' stranger - spearhead
6. little bit of feel good - jamie lidell*
7. ok? ok - peter project*
8. trouble is - common market*
9. teenage beer drinkin' party - teenage head* (for the mclean creek meatheads)
10. tin cheejha - dj rekha*
11. pluck - ananda shankar experience & the state of bengal
12. night life - the reveries*
13. les rockstars - call me poupee*
14. spring flowers - the great outdoors*
15. new friend - david myles*
16. children's games - enoch kent*

Some friends of mine remarked that I came on a little strong against the mud-boggers. Allow me this opportunity to state plainly that I do not advocate a wholesale banning of off-road vehicles from Alberta's public lands - i just want people to be a little more considerate of the land and the others that use it. I have a lot more to say about this, but the issue isn't going anywhere, so maybe I'll save it for later. Of course, if you want to weigh in, you can always drop us a line...

I've been promising for a number of weeks (bordering on months) to post some photos of our travels over the last little while - so here you go:

In early April I went "home" to New Brunswick, to visit with my folks and help them with the annual maple sugaring fun times. Above is a picture of the cabin my dad and I built in 1988, and it gives you a good idea of why the floods were so severe this spring.

Then at the end of April, the missus and I went on a two-week jaunt to the desert lands of Utah and Arizona - I dedicated my May 8th show to this trip. We saw a lot of pretty inspiring landscape, including Bryce Canyon...

Zion National Park (this pic is of the big bend underneath Angel's Landing)...

and the mother of all Canyons - el grande! It was really an awesome experience, and one I recommend to anyone and everyone - I know it's cliche, but you definitely have to go there at least once in your lifetime if you have the opportunity.

That's it for this post I guess - thanks a lot for tuning in. Sorry for the continued delinquence on my posts, but the fact of the matter is, I most often have other things I'd rather be doing than sitting in front of a computer (no offence...)

See ya!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mark's Playlist from May 29th

Sorry, no albums this time. I'm just a little too busy. If you have any questions about finding stuff just ask!

*On the CJSW Playlist

1. Light City Fiction - Up Here*
2. Parallel Worlds - Into the Caves of the Mind*
3. Fidgital - ...It's Aurora Over Streets...
4. Carleton and His Shoes - Love Me Forever
5. Dubmatix - Burning Fire Dub*
6. Islands - Creeper*
7. RUby Coast - Neighborhood*
8. Kids on TV - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
9. Hot Panda - My Tugboat*
10. Pepi Ginsberg - The Waterline*
11. Death Set - Had A Bird*
12. Minotaur Shock - Somebody Once Told Me It Existed But They Never Found It
13. Boyskout - Back To Bed
14. Portishead - Machine Gun*
15. Ratatat - Tacobel Canon
16. Kano - Now Baby Now*
17. Revolution 9 - Computer Girl (Erotic Robotic Remix)
18. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Beard Lust*
19. Changeless - Twentyseventh Day
20. Ladytron - Deep Blue
21. Matmos - Polychords*
22. Music Go Music - Light Of Love
23. Vive La Fete - Touche Pas
24. Scuola Furano - Rooster

Thanks for listening!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playlist For May 15

Here it is: Track - Artist (Album)

1. Carmella (Four Tet Remix) - Beth Orton (Four Tet Remixes)
2. Sinking Feeling - Mixel Pixel (Lets Be Friends)*
3. High Tide Low Tide - Bob Marley
4. Popcorn Reggae - Soul Agent and the Soul Defenders
5. Outlaw Heart - Tiger Army (Tiger Army)
6. Lonesome Rambler - Ramblin Ambassadors (Vista Cruiser Country Squire)*
7. Science and Honour - Phenomenauts (For All Mankind)*
8. Lions on the Astroturf - Zibra Zibra (777)
9. Picking a Lock at the Speed of Light - These Modern Socks (Picking a Lock at the Speed of Light)*
10. The Kids Take Control - Voyager One (Afterhours in the Afterlife)*
11. The Galaxist - Deerhoof (Friend Opportunity)
12. Lovely Allen (Minotaur Shock Redevelopment) - Holy Fuck
13. je Veux Tout - Ariane Moffatt (Tous les sens)*
14. Roland Radcliffe - Black Turtleneck (Musical Chairs)
15. Shine A Light - Wolf Parade (Apologies to the Queen Mary)
16. I Don't Play Piano - Christa Couture (The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker)*
17. I Exist Therefore I Sing - Tobiah (check out
18. Actual - Copy (Hair Guitar)
19. No Ends - Jim Brown as Rank Nubah (Slo Burn)
20. Magnetic Love Song - Fur Cups For Teeth (Fun Luck You Keep)*
21. It's Yours - Doc Scott
22. Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size/Reprazent (MTV's Amp 2)
23. No Kinda Man - Junior Boys
24. Cool And Bored - Le Corps Mince de Francoise
25. Love Juice (Moulinex Remix) - SymbolOne

*On the CJSW Playlist

Thanks for listening, tune in next week for Greg's show, and tune into CJSW all the time.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HAYDUKE LIVES! two-for-one lackadaise-o-rama

Hi everyone;

I am a slacker.

The fact of the matter is, I spend all day long at a computer, and when the work day is done, the last thing I want to do is sit back down and tickle the keyboard for a while. The result is that you guys don't get as regular blog postings as you may like, and I get to go outside and enjoy myself a bit more. It's almost a win-win, except I guess I'm mostly the one who's winning.

I will add photos of my trip to the desert and back home to NB at some point - just not today...

set list for May 1, 2008

sans ohmm - off the international radar*
the state - destroyer*
river niger - sly dunbar*
world peace riot - chango family
groovy spirit - jackie mittoo
robot dub jam - guerilla funk monster
double on back - kid creole & the coconuts*
sure shot - one step beyond
when all the shy folk finally get it on - bourbon tabernacle choir
the city - dragon fli empire
grand scale - dl incognito*
saint john river - hot toddy
another obscure death in the history of the american indian movement (AIM) - bob wiseman
burn the house down - cour de lane*
without piano - jim bryson
just like a river - old man luedecke*
one day - david myles
do you want to talk all night - john tielli*
from the muskeg - ghostkeeper*
pour la destinee - les breastfeeders

set list for may 8, 2008

rounder - rabnett5*
the bomb - bitter:sweet*
desmond dekker came first - toots & the maytals
this one is about flying - dubblestandart
noah sugar pan - the upsetters
soul glo - akrobatik*
27 - blue scholars*
you will see this dog before you die - the oh sees*
i got mine - the black keys*
broken heartbeats sound like breakbeats - los campesinos*
hot corner - b52's*
they get mexico - the culls*
corona - calexico
half a ghost town - utah phillips & ani difranco
for a few dollars more - hugo montenegro & his orchestra
river theme from pat garrett & billy the kid - bob dylan
two little feet - greg brown
when i was a cowboy - alvin youngblood hart
hot white sun - pray for rain
journey to arnhemland - jamiroquai
keito - ali farka toure
camel rock - chirgilchin
long long nite - mano negra

Okay, I'm outta here. Thanks for listening, and make sure you check out Mark tomorrow. I'm on my way over to meet him so we can record a show intro/theme music - with any luck we'll christen that sucka tomorrow.

Next week (May 22nd), I'll be playing host to my pal Mike Melnick, who's going to tell us all about adventure racing. "What the heck is that?", you ask? Tune in and find out - but for now here's a little teaser:

okay bye!