Wednesday, November 26, 2008

shame on me for my delinquence

Hey - it's almost snowsliding season - here's a little stoke-a-thon for you, from the last time neon and bad hairdos were cool.

Hello friends;

My name is greg - bless me for I have fallen asleep at the wheel yet again. It has been a whole month since my last blog post. I feel shame.

But I also feel a little tiny bit justified. I threw my shit down getting ready for funding drive (then y'all threw yo' shit down during funding drive - thanks!), and I forsook a lot of regular every-day lifey stuff to do it. I've spent the time since funding drive sleeping, working, celebrating the end of Dubya-dome, turning twenty-seven-teen, and trying to get some wood in before winter.

Thanks to everyone who helped CJSW raise over $208 g's during funding drive - but extra-special thanks to Jen, Henry, Noel, Wayne, Justin, Monika, Mom, Brian, Dave, Scott, Rachelle, Doug, Bart, Yori, Carl, Denis, Hamish, Misha, Jennifer, David, David, Brian, Daniel, Bryson, Tasya, Richard, Danny, Robin, Christian, Curtis, Michael, Kim, Glenn, Rachel, Tracy, Katie, Jeremy, Michael, Kevin, and Jamie, for throwing your support behind the mighty derby!

All of you who pledged on my show are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE DRAW for a sweater I knit (see below), which will take place tomorrow morning at around 10:30 or thereabouts. tune in for the draw, plus multiple rants on Alberta's myopic resource management, Calgary's crapshoot public transit, and militant pro-lifers on campus.

Do you want to know what happened over the last little while? Well, here are a couple of setlists:

November 13th - doo-de-doo-de-doo-doo, de-doo - birthday show!
1. smile! - guitar*
2. all is full of love - bitone*
3. mighty mighty - charlie hunter 4tet
4. smile - sierra leone's refugee all-stars
5. in the morning - corey harris
6. dub bari - ojos de brujo
7. mariel port, spanish harlem - up, bustle & out
8. viente annos (live) - buena vista social club*
9. orishas llego - orishas
10. kyoto - curumin feat. blackalicious & lateef the truth speaker*
11. le premier matin - heliodrome*
12. the strongest person - the streets*
13. dishwasher - fujiya & miyagi*
14. mach dich los - dancer vs. politician*
15. brittania - chris gheran*
16. intentions alone - the olympic symphonium*
17. i feel like the mother of the world - smog
18. freight train blues boogie - smokin' 45's*
19. long legged guitar-pickin' man (live) - johnny & june carter cash*
20. crazy eyes - old crow medicine show*
21. today's empire, tomorrow's ashes - magnificent 7's*
22. words of advice for young people - william s. burroughs vs. disposable heroes of hiphoprisy.

November 6 - thanks for funding drive, not-much-talkin', black white house show!
1. chocolate city - parliament funkadelic
2. one day - fishbone
3. track #3 (no listings!) - thievery corporation*
4. fumi - loop guru
5. marina gasolina (radio edit) - bonde do role
6. in a green space - koushik*
7. get right - ling ling feat. addiquit*
8. rangoon creeper - isotope*
9. papa was stoned - fort knox five*
10. simple - bourbon tabernacle choir
11. the grieved soul - rick moody & nina katchadourian*
12. other side - angela desveaux & the mighty ship*
13. dakota from the hebrew - priya thomas*
14. jet stream - jay crocker*
15. in these hearts - daniel martin moore*
16. buddha (for the reverend RON!) - al tuck & no action
17. l.a. freeway - brittle siren*
18. history lesson part II - minutemen
19. drove up from pedro - mike watt & friends
20. big fenders - shanker & romps*

Okay, I'm outta here - gotta go get ready for a show tomorrow. Thanks for listening, thanks to all who gave during funding drive, thanks to all Americans reading this who got off yer asses and voted for something a little different (hope-hope-hopefully), and thanks for your patience if you've spent the last month wondering if I've given up on this blogging thing.

Talk t'yis tomorrow,

PS for those of you who like to dig on the skateboardin', check out this holy-shit-inest new stuff from plan b (i don't think i can hate on sheckler any more):

This is the Ryan Sheckler part - but go to planbtv to check out the whole thing (go to plan b tv, click "superfuture promo" ...