Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daewon-o-rama! Set List for January 31, 2008

Howdy y'all - thanks for tuning in this morning. Sorry I wasn't as ranty as normal - I'm trying to fend off a virus, and have a bit of a scratchy throat. It'll be a friggin miracle if i make it through this year without getting sick (touch wood).

Here is a link to some Daewon Song videos on the DVS shoes website (check the first hand party video - that's the one that's set to the kinks' tune i played today - the echo commercial and the thrasher soty thing are also cool). Here's another cool Daweon link, with everything you never wanted to know about the guy. Here's a link to a cool band from Culver City, where Daewon grew up. This is getting a little like that old BBC show, connections.

Here's what you heard today if you tuned in:

1. when winter comes - rheostatics
2. picture book - the kinks
3. broke, bored, & sober - oh! the pretty things (playing at broken city tonight!)
4. a it mek - greg milka crowe*
5. mulata descolora - macaco*
6. miss you - the dynamics*
7. alir pukai - alir pukai stringband feat. bob brozman
8. curukurombo - curumin
9. augusta, angelica, & consolacao - tom ze
10. surya - zaman8 & hafez modir
11. brittania rules the waves - chris gheran*
12. fire house - beija flor*
13. yoyo bye bye - dump vs. why?*
14. taking turns - ruckus roboticus vs. skratchmatik*
15. karma hunters - pinker tones vs. mexican institute of sound*
16. t.i.b.w.f. - the budos band vs. hank shocklee*
17. mind your own business - delta5*
18. now a daze - shad*
19. on one/one - g+d*
20. saskatoon - dj vadim feat. young blood brass band*
21. i'll fly away - blind boys of alabama feat. the hot 8 brass band*

That's it for this week - thanks to everyone who tuned in. Lock on to cjsw 90.9 fm through the month of february for great programming to honour black history month. Also, make sure you tune into the soap box derby on valentine's day - apart from dusting off the eight-track, spritzing on a little of the ol' aqua-velva, turning on the lava lamp, and getting all isaac-hayes-y with y'all, I'll be joined by Mishka Lysack, a person in your neighbourhood who is working to engage calgarians in some real meaningful debate about climate change and climate change policy. Fire me an email if there's something you think Mishka and I should talk about.

Take care of yourselves, stay warm, and don't forget to tune in for Mark's show next week.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 24th Playlist

My First Post and Playlist! There will be more to come in the way of thoughts and info but for now I'll start with what I've played.

[Track] - [Artist] *On the CJSW playlist

Rolling Down the Hills - Glass Candy
I've Got Some Friends - Akron/Family
Rendering Equipment Tender - Barmitzvah Brothers*
Opposite Sides - The Epochs*
Bad Luck On Me - Derrick Morgan
Melody Life - Marcia Griffiths
A Love I Can Feel - Dennis Alcapone & John Holt
I Love Music - JT
Tropiikin Kuuma Huuma - Shogun Kunitoki
Central Cavern - Certain Breeds*
The Names Of All The Trees - Soso*
Debbie (U-Tern Mix) - Architecture In Helsinki
Amour Du Sol - Yelle
Fair Weather Friends - Daedelus*
Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck*
Already Gone - The Whitsundays*
Patience - Revolution 9*
The Birds - Beija Flor*
Fire Drill - The Ostrich*
Regent Park - Hollowphonic
Pluxus - Agent Tangent
Cornelius - Gum*
...Out Dream - Sleeping People*
Turn On - Fischerspooner
Going Nowhere - Cut Copy
I Wanna Be A Style Crusader (David E. Sugar Remix) - Big Face

Monday, January 21, 2008

ready... set... GO! ! ! !

Hi - and welcome to the infobahn home of the soapbox derby radio show. Check out for lots of information about the best damn campus and community radio station in the world.

This show is hosted by me (greg chernoff) and my pal mark shields, and takes the place of the much-loved and dearly-departed airport bison radio.

The show name encompasses two of my favourite pastimes: going fast down hills on rickety machines, and speaking my mind. If you want to engage in the cultural debate locally and globally, hear some good (i think) tunes and maybe a funny story or two (i've been known to ramble a bit), and while away the morning (or evening, or whatever time it is where you are) at a pretty agreeable pace, then i humbly suggest that you make a habit of tuning in every thursday.

Drop us a line if there's anything you'd like to contribute to the free speech flotilla that is - SOAP BOX DERBY! (Instructions for contacting us are over there --->)