Tuesday, September 30, 2008

triple set list - i know - you've heard all my excuses.

In honour of hurricane season, I thought I'd post this cool little video depicting dubya's response to hurricane katrina

Hello friends;

Someday, I just might manage to get my shit together. But in the meantime, here are the set lists from my last three shows. At least I got the September 25th one out inside of a week.

September 25th, 2008 - 700 Billion Smackers:

I went off a little on the hypocrisy of bailing out the kings and queens of the "free market" with tax payers' green on this show. For the record, $700B is approximately $102.22 US for every man, woman and child on the planet at the time I write this. And you know if they can figure a way to make us pay, they will. Tunes:

your mom's favourite dj, side 1 - kid koala
rainbow town - up, bustle & out
shine - lee scratch perry*
it's you - toots & the maytals
come together - peter tosh
forest - big blue ball*
contradictions - azeem
crash with no cushions - the high decibels*
strange thing happen every day - olu dara
people turn around - delta spirit*
walmart killed the country store - reverend peyton's big damn band*
tiny montgomery - bob dylan & the band
brian jones - andy swan
my hands are a city - fembots*
ruben - elizabeth cotten
learn to love another - lucky sonne
nothing's alright - one hundred dollars*
the many lead the one - aaron booth
does the day feel long - devon sproule
the breeze - dr. dog*
blackwater drive - the herbalizer*

September 11th, 2008 - Just Fucking VOTE! I'm serious, dude.

Election's coming up - do you know who you're going to vote for? Here are some resources to help you decide: Elections Canada will tell you who's running with links to all your candidates' web sites. The Suzuki Foundation has a pretty good set-up for helping you make your vote count for the environment. These dudes just wanna get dusted and vibe on some wicked tunes - like these ones:

sugar water (acoustic version) - cibo matto
metaphysical (a good day) - handsome boy modeling school featuring mike d and miho hatori
sproing-a-dub - burning babylon*
brothers on the slide - the dynamics
strength of my life (live) - israel vibration
belgrade riddim - sub swara*
70's 80's - nightmares on wax
clap your hands - the herbalizer featuring jessica darling*
space out - threat from outer space*
bong bong - c-rayz walz & kosha dillz*
carimbo - sonantes*
peregrino - zuco 103
st. petersburg - brazilian girls*
so here we are - bloc party vs. four tet
new city - bob wiseman
j'suis pas d'ici - thomas dutronc*
joining another - angela desveaux & the mighty ship*
failure - laura marling*
obadiah in oblivion - death vessel*
city smile - conrad ford*
(i'd like to) buy some science - gunther*

August 28th, 2008 - the Acoustic Motorbike

There is no better way to travel than by BIKE!

On August 28th, I had the pleasure of hosting my pal Justin Brown, one of the founders of the University of Calgary Bike Club and the Associated Bike Root bike shop. We talked about bikes. Check them out sometime, and think about joining the club! Here're some tunes to ride your bike to:

radio attack - prefuse/73
dunu kan - issa bagayogo*
a few words in defense of our country - randy newman*
ganja time/legalization (live) - culture
no compromise - burning spear*
chooga cane - lee scratch perry*
original sample - project bicycle
pizza boys bike - sun ok papi ko
acoustic motorbike - luka bloom
soundsystem - m. franti & spearhead*
rock & tree - bob wiseman*
simple song - lucid 44*
all day - human highway*
dollar signs - snailhouse*
bookworm - margot & the nuclear so&so's*
kensington - azeda booth*
bbbeat - balkan beat box
fly paper - k-os
who knew duke - the high decibels*
the pressure - presto featuring rahsaan ahmad
mr. johnson - left lane cruiser*

Whew - what a marathon! That should be motivation enough for me to post a week at a time rather than three shows at once! Anyway, thanks for all of you who continue to tune in, and especially to those of you who patiently wait for me to get around to posting set lists.

I'm knitting a super-bad-ass sweater as an incentive for pledging on my show during funding drive this year - I will try to post some pics next week.

Take Care,