Sunday, June 7, 2009

Playing for Change

Hello Peeps,

Super stoked to be part of the Thursday morning crew and I'm happy that things came full circle (I originally did a jazz program before this show 3 years ago).

As my first post I'm going to share a website:

The website is about uniting the world through music. This specific link is to the song "Stand by Me". It is created from clips of people all over the world singing the popular song. It is very beautiful and worth a watch.

In order to get to know one another a little better, I would like to share with you the instrument that I have an obsession with:

This is a vibraphone and you will probably be hearing lots of it.

Happy happy, joy joy,


Thursday, June 4, 2009

YO! (la)

Hi everyone;

This is just a quick note to let y'all know that the new derby co-pilot and all around AWESOME lady, Ola K, has joined the blog. Welcome, Ola!

Look for future posts and the raddest of radio from Ola in days/weeks/months to come. Ola is calling her weeks on the show "Cold Smoke Derby" - in homage to her previous CJSW shows, and to the best kind of blower pow one can find!

Thanks for sharing the derby with me Ola! and thanks too to Bryson, who has gathered his belongings and moved to Monday mornings.

Keep it locked, and have yourselves a terrific weekend.