Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tomorrow's derby

Howdy y'all;

Tomorrow's derby will involve some tunes, some rejoicing about the weather, some lamenting about the state of the petro-nation, (probably) some funny stories about stupid things I've done in the past, an update on the Bike Root's struggle for space, and:

* TICH - hopefully it has to do with the Vanier Cup, dog mushing, or the Coleman Frog.
* Dinos Sports Update
* A piece on unschooling by Ashad
* An interview with Dianne Chisolm, and English Prof from UofA and tomorrow's main event at the UofC's Paget/Hoy Lecture Series. She'll be lecturing (and talking to me) on the topic: "Landscapes of the New Ecological West: Writing and Seeing Beyond the Wilderness Plot"

There ya have it,