Friday, October 3, 2008

october 2 setlist - all kinds of deficits! - and a CONTEST!

This photo (copyright Tom Hanson/Canadian Press) is definitely the funniest one I could find from last night's debate, and I propose we have a bit of fun with it. Let's have a caption contest! Submit your best captions (you know, something like "I came this close to beating that guy in the triathlon, thanks to this fancy watch!", or "I am holding you in my hand, and CRUSHING YOUR HEAD!") by commenting to this post. The funniest caption will receive a prize that is more valuable than pocket lint, and less valuable than a new bike.

I spent a lot of time ranting this week, about $700 Billion bail-outs, stupid excuses people find not to participate in a democracy, and the decimation of the 200-year-old UNB woodlot in my hometown (Fredericton). Oh and I offered a long-overdue tribute to one of the best storytellers ever, a source of hope and inspiration to many, Mr. Bruce "Utah" Phillips.

Here's the low-down:

blue mode - reuben wilson
how we get along - jurassic 5
195 lbs - nightmares on wax*
politricks - terry lynn*
the cave - culver city dub collective vs. joey altruda
so lonely (so dub) - okada feat. big youth*
90% of me is you - amral's trinidad cavaliers steel orchestra*
sol tapado - thievery corporation
higher - carlos nino & li'l sci*
wanda vidal - sound directions
back home (the return) - common market*
crime to be broke in america (tv track) - spearhead
h20gate blues - gil scott-heron
money is the only thing that rolls uphill - the rocky fortune
trees falling - chuck brodsky*
darn folksinger - bob snider
bum on the rod - utah phillips & ani difranco
starlight on the rails - rosalie sorrels*
suitcase in my hand - ry cooder
i am a rich man - old man luedecke
energy bomb - sheglank'd shoulders*
song #1 - fugazi

well, that's it for this week - good luck with the caption contest! Thanks for tuning in, and I'll talk to you all next week.


PS The biggest reason I started up this blog was to give you all an avenue through which to holler back about some of the stuff I talk about on the radio, which by design creates a fairly one-sided discourse. If you've got something to say, this is definitely the place.

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