Saturday, October 25, 2008

two setlists and... FUNding drive!

Hi everyone;

I hope you will forgive me missing a post last week - I have had my hustle on to prepare a kick-ass funding drive show and lots of sweet treats for y'all loyal listeners! The big prize on the soapbox this year is a stylized norwegian ski sweater, hand-knit by yours truly! Look super-fly on the slopes and apres-ski this winter with this cjsw-ified classic! BTW those are 45-adapters in the place of the more traditional snowflakes - cool, huh?

Here's what the sweater looks like on me:

I made it according to a "men's medium" pattern 'cos I figured that would make it fit the maximum number of folks. Right now it fits more like a large, but I think it will likely shrink a bit after it's washed as it's made from 75/25 acrylic/wool mix.

The sweater goes home with the lucky winner of a raffle, which will be drawn about a month after my funding drive show this coming thursday. Your name goes in the hat one time for every $25 you pledge on my show - so $75 gets your name entered 3 times, $250 gets you 10 raffle tickets, and so on. Oh yeah, and you have to pay your pledge before the draw date to be eligible.

Good luck, and thanks to everyone who pledges their support to CJSW - on my show or elsewhere!


Well, the election came and the election went, and the deck was shuffled slightly, but the only real tangible change is that our country is $330 Million dollars the poorer. The 16th was a post-election reflection kind of show. Here's how it went:

what's goin' on? - marvin gaye
put the funk back in it - brand new heavies
hey world - watts prophets
vad forgive me - dj vadim vs. bullfrog
foggy mountain - augustus pablo
white man from hammersmith (live) - the clash
don't take that attitude to your grave - ben harper
satanic reverses - disposable heroes of hiphoprisy
insight - fort knox five feat. asheru*
cut chemist suite - ozomatli feat. jurassic 5
tower of babel - dragon fli empire
rafiki - zap mama feat. the roots
5 years time - noah and the whale*
las vegas with the lights out - geggy tah
neighbourhood - david byrne
making gestures - the pack a.d.*
lovin' machine - jon spencer blues explosion vs. dan the automator
below the ocean over part 24 - jay crocker*
old world lies - brasstronaut*
split decision - brass bed*
the moon's appeal - a gentle forest*
alarms part 2 - mark berube and the patriotic few*
narwhal horn - lesser gonzalez alvarez*


This past week's show was all about grassroots NGO's working to make a difference in Uganda - in the second half of the show we were visited by a bunch of people working in really inspiring ways to make the world a better place.

First off, Geoff and Paula Owen and Dax Xenis came to tell us about an organization that Geoff and Paula founded called GARD (grassroots assistance in rural development) - they have been helping rural Ugandan communities to build rain-collection and primary water filtration systems, thus laying the foundation for healthier communities. Dax made a film about one of GARD's projects, called "catching rain" - it's world premiere was this past thursday night at the uptown.

We also heard from Carissa Hayward and Paul Locke, who are organizers of this year's GuluWalk event in Calgary, which took place world-wide today (apologies to the GuluWalk folks for not getting this post up sooner - too much funding drive going on right now!). GuluWalk is an annual, symbolic walk of solidarity with the child night commuters of northern Uganda - check the GuluWalk link above for more information. I hope you were able to get out to GuluWalk this afternoon - and if you live elsewhere, maybe you'll be able to organize a GuluWalk in your town next year!


early in the mornin' - sonny terry, brownie mcghee, lighnin' hopkins, & big joe williams
sallie, queen of the pines - alvin youngblood hart
the place - big mama thornton
champion of the arena - jackie mittoo
tadoussac - namori*
one love is the law - alex kajumulo*
calypsoul - clarence curven & his mod sounds*
that's how it was - spanky wilson & quantic soul orchestra
square biz - galactic feat. ladybug mecca & nino moschella
two can win - j.dilla
paper planes - m.i.a.
straight to hell (live) - the clash
young americans - danny michel
always something - yo la tengo
haliko chijende (let's walk) - hukwe zawose & michael brook
poye - issa bagayogo*

Okay kids, that's it for now - I gotta go and put together some mix cd's to offer up as incentives - right now the plan is to make one that's all about gettin' down and groovin', and one that's all rootsy and rocky and such. But we'll see how I'm able to manipulate time between now and this Thursday.

Just in case you haven't heard it a jillion times - the CJSW funding drive pledge-your-love line is 403.220.5000.

Hope to hear form you on Thursday!



Forest Tate Fraser said...

Ho-lee shit! That sweater is beyond rad.

Pete Worden said...

Coolest. Sweater. Ever. Eat your heart out, Huxtables. Chernoff you crafty son of a diddly!